Hello/Bonjour my friends…

As a collector of fine art,  my interests have focused  on  contemporary French showcasing collection works spanning from 1972 to present.  Over the years, I have accumulated a permanent collection representing major contemporary French fine art styles from naïf-primitive…to impressionism…to realism…to abstract…and other types deemed French!!

LAGRUE - La Salle de Ventes (The Art Auction) yoldjoglou2 Round Woman The Dancers Nature morte,siphon, grill et soupiere

It is my belief that selecting fine art is like a romance...one knows it when one sees it!  As a collector, I have been romanced by contemporary French fine art with its fantasy and flair!  The contemporary French painters and sculptors whose works are in the Jo-Gi Collection bring a unique sensibility and passion to canvas, metal and paper.

I am always surrounded by fine art, be it in my home or in my gallery settings first, in Chicago-2000 and second, in Naples, FL 2006. The gallery served the purpose of showcasing some of my personal collection for general public informational/educational purposes (free admission) as well as providing a professional setting for selling a limited number of  works from my personal collection.  In 2015, Jo-Gi Gallery was housed in a building, in Naples,  that encountered a fire forcing the building to close.  After that tragic experience, I took a break to evaluate the feasibility of re-opening another gallery. I came to the conclusion that it would take excessive time, energy and financial expenditures to re-create a similar gallery environment that had taken me 16 years to achieve.   So, my friends,  I am announcing my gallery retirement! Of course, my heart is forever connected to fine art and I will continue to be involved in other venues and adventures in the art world!

Given my gallery retirement, I wish to offer my friends and collectors one last opportunity to indulge themselves in a final opportunity to purchase select works from my personal collection before they either return to permanent residency on the walls of my home or in another’s home through fine art brokerage houses!

I thank you for your personal friendship and your commitment to being a friend of the arts! Jo-Gi

Now,  you are invited  to take a final  Art Tour de France of select works available from the Jo-Gi Collection.  Don’t miss out on this special opportunity! Jo-Gi may be contacted at  (239) 659-5644.