Hello my friends…

Jo-Gi Fine Art celebrates bringing you a unique and diverse collection of contemporary fine art, since 2000, initially offering the collection in Chicago, and then in 2006 expanding to Naples, FL.

Georges YOLDJOGLOU (Paris-France)

Jo-Gi spends her time in both cities, in between her travel abroad, sharing the collection with private and corporate clients, collectors and international agents impressed by the works in this distinguished and exciting collection. She offers private art consultations with seasoned collectors as well as first time buyers, corporate on-site presentations, and hosts solo and group exhibitions in various cities.

LAGRUE - La Salle de Ventes (The Art Auction)

The Jo-Gi on-line tour further reaches out to art connoisseurs from around the world in search of contemporary fine art with flair – be it classical to whimsy! Jo-Gi has invited artists, YOLDJOGLOU and LAGRUE to set the mood and lead us into a fine art tour of mesmerizing landscapes of life! Whether you choose to journey with us abroad or locally, by a simple click on your computer, you are you are guaranteed a delightful trip! Our on-line tour guides are both national and international artists who share with you their creative visions and with unique palettes bring you to their sphere of people, places and things. Jo-Gi looks forward to hearing from you after your tour. Call for pricing on your favorites at 239-659-JoGi (5644).

Bon voyage!  Looking forward to hearing from you!  Jo-Gi